NECROLYMPICS: Tales from the Occult Olympics

Some call Clyde Lewis a conspiracy theorist, others call him one of the few sources of real news. Whatever you call him, what’s most important is that you’ve made up your own mind.

He’s the creator and host of the fantastic Ground Zero Media, a talk show dealing with the paranormal and the parapolitical, and a much needed lighthouse in the fog.

As rumors of occult rituals and sacrificial rites surround the London 2012 Olympics, Clyde sets out to uncover the real truth of what’s behind it.

In this 45 minute presentation, Clyde looks at the past and present in order to predict the future, starting right back from the Olympic roots as propaganda of the New World Order.

From there it’s a quick jump to the modern day rebirth of the Olympics as a way to sell us on Aryan superiority, where the same Nazi pagentry and masonic symbolism prevail in today’s Olympics.

The next highlight for me is Clyde’s research into the Nostradamus predictions coinciding with the Beijing Olympics – prefixed by an eclipse, war and a demonic rising would occur during the ‘Games of Slaughter’.

True enough, an eclipse swept through Russia and landed in China by the 8/8/8 – the day the Beijing Olympics started, and also the day Russia invaded Georgia for a bloody five day war.

Not being completely ignorant of the symbolism of an eclipse, China moved the Olympics (to the 8th) to avoid the two events coinciding – they believe strange magic to occur during the eclipse, including spirits jumping out of mirrors.

While Clyde doesn’t mention any specific cases of this, he points to a much more damning spirit manifestation – the mascots made for the Games. Clyde harkens their likeness to Magic Sigils – unbeknownst to the Chinese, they were representations of where major disasters would occur during the Beijing Olympics…

Which brings him (and you) to the end of your journey – the present day Olympics of 2012.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise – it’s better if you see for yourself how Clyde interprets the signs and uncovers the conspiracy behind the London Olympics…

The Council On Foreign Relations And The New World Order

When you look at what’s happening around you, at how elected officials refuse to act in your best interest like you were promised, the evidence points to only one unifying explanation for everything.

That the world is controlled by a small group of rich, powerful people – oil magnates, CEOs of multinational congmolerates and international bankers – fermenting wars and profiting off chaos.

Servando Gonzalez walks you through the New World Order in this eye opening presentation.

These rich, powerful people believe that the earth is overpopulated. Too many useless eaters (that’s you and me) are destroying the natural resources of earth that belong to them. Like vermin, we’re stealing from them.

They want the destruction of industrial civilization, and for us to be dirt poor.

Either we Americans are the most stupid people in the world to not see it, or it’s by design – we’ve been brainwashed ever since the Second World War.

Once you unplug from the source, mainstream media, you can start to see more clearly.

The NWO is not a new world order, it’s a throwback to Feudalism where there were only 2 social classes – the hyper-rich and the peasant classes. Their goal is to create a world government with a royal class on one side, and the super poor on the other with no gas or electricity so we don’t destroy their resources.

This is what Castro did in Cuba. It was a country with as high a standard of living as America before Castro. Now the standards are below Haiti – this is the dream of the NWO. When Rockefeller visited Castro, he saw it and said it was the model to follow.

Who’s behind the New World Order?

Oil magnates, CEOs, and international bankers to name a few.

They comprise The Council On Foreign Relations – an American organization. Most Americans ignore the fact that they alone control the economy, the press, banks, publishing houses, and media. At one point there was a press blackout on them.

But since the rise of the internet people are now discovering them, the true invisible government of the US.

People think that just by changing our leaders in DC that things will be OK. Bush, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama – all they’ve all been puppets of the council. You only need to look at how they consistently act against your interests.

The invisible government is not based in the DC, it’s in Manhattan at the Harold Pratt House, the HQ of The Council On Foreign Relations.

What’s Coming Next?

A global totalitarian dictatorship.

Cuba had a democratic president before Castro’s dictatorship seized power by force. Some signs of a dictatorshp are laws being passed without consulting Congress – something the US has been doing for years, sold to you as an Executive Order.

In a dictatorship, the government wants to control what you do your whole life. In a totalitarian dictatorship, they want to control what you think too.

Where changes in the structure of the government have been by force outside of America – like Russia’s communism, Germany’s Hitler, Italy’s Mussolini, China’s Mau, and Cuba’s Castro, the conspirators of the Council don’t want to go down the same path.

They follow the theories of British Fabianists – to take power gradually by infiltration.

  • Infiltrating and controlling the press to brainwash you.
  • The US government – pre WWII they infiltrated the State Department. In 1947 they created the CIA.
  • They’re behind the National Security Council. the Joint Chief Of Staffs in the armed forces.
  • The newly created Office of Homeland Security, the TSA, the thousands of alphabet soup agencies….

Eventually they will need to take a final step to take full control. But America isn’t Cuba or Russia. There’s the matter of the Constitution – all humans have the right to live, to be free, and to own property.

Our Forefathers saw that the most dangerous threat to a country is the from the government, and gave us the right to bear arms to protect ourselves from them.

Democide, killing by the government, has always been the biggest killer – China, Russia, Germany, Cuba. If we don’t stop the NWO, it will happen in America in much larger numbers than it’s already happening.

Aliens in the Forest: The Cisco Grove UFO Encounter

In 1964, Donald Shrum left the city for a relaxing weekend with his buddies in Tahoe National Forest, California. He’d planned to spend his time hunting deer with his bow and arrows… but from the title, you can probably guess that’s not what happened.

He spent a terrifying 12 hours fighting for his life against alien invaders, armed only with his wooden bow and his knowledge of the wilderness.

After more than 40 years his account sees the light of day because… Donald worked for a company which made missiles for the US military.

This isn’t a shaky hoax from someone lacking credibility – this is the real deal, verified by Coral Lorenzen of APRO (the Aerial Phenomenon Investigation Committee) and Paul Cerny of MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network).

This incredible account has been captured in great detail in the book Aliens in the Forest: The Cisco Grove UFO Encounter written by Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte.

With complete access to Donald and his entire family, the whole tale is captured and retold from Donald’s perspective, as well as through the eyes of those living in the wake of this extreme experience.

The presentation below is a feature length interview with both Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte, giving you the perspective of the interviewers and his family as they piece the tale together. And as if that wasn’t enough, they also feature audio from the witness’ son, Dan Shrum, as he speaks publicly about his father’s experience for the first time…

The 5 Most Shocking CIA Experiments Of MK-ULTRA

This short video has some great archival photos and clips, as well as key information on some of the most infamous projects of MK-ULTRA.

5. Downers and Uppers

One experiment combined the use of amphetamines and barbiturates as an interrogation technique.

The test subject would have a barbiturate IV in one arm, and an amphetetamine drip in the other.

The barbiturates were pushed first, and as soon as the subject was almost asleep, amphetamines were pushed to jolt the subject awake.

The person would babble incoherently, and it was sometimes possible ask questions and get useful answers.

4. Subproject 54

Subproject 54 examined techniques to cause brain concussions and amnesia as a ‘tool in brainwash therapy’ by using weapons or sound waves to strike individuals without leaving any physical marks.

The project was initiated by the Office of Naval Research in 1955 with secret funding from the CIA, and later transferred to MK-Ultra in 1956.

The CIA denies envolvement, but its documents refer to “considerable data” being obtained supporting “the resonance-cavilation theory of brain concussion.”

The documents also describe a blast range, a laboratory and potential weapon designs.

3. The Canadian Experiments

Fron 1957 to 1964, Scottish psychiatrist Donald Cameron paid $69,000 to travel from New York to Canada to perform MK-ULTRA experiments at McGill University.

He worked on a concept called ‘psychic driving’ where patiuents would be given paralytic drugs and then be exposed to hundreds of thousands of repetitions of a recorded statement.

He later explored depatterning which involved electroshock, sensory depravation and large doses of LSD to break down a patient’s personality, which could then be replaced.

Patients would enter the institute for minor problems such as anxiety disorders and leave with amnesia and an inability to speak.

2. Hypnosis

There were 8 subprojects of MK-ULTRA studying hypnosis, including two involving the use of drugs.

Goals included the creation of “hypnotically induced anxieties,” “hypnotically increasing ability to learn and recall complex written matter,” studying “hypnosis and polygraph examinations,” and studying “relationship of personalities susceptability to hypnosis.”

One of the largest studies was conducted on “criminal-sexual psychopaths,” with a focus on prisoners who had denied the allegations against them.

Some believe the end goal of the program was to discover ways to brainwash individuals to become couriers and spies without their knowledge.

1. Project Midnight Climax

Based out of at least 3 safe houses in San Francisco, Operation Midnight Climax was set up to test the effects of LSD on unsuspecting American citizens,

Testing began in 1955, with prostitutes being paid by the government to dose clients while CIA agents secretly observed.

Experimentation soon expanded out of the brothels, with agents secretly dosing civilians at beaches, bars and restaurants.

Prior to the San Francisco operation, similar experiments were run in New Yofk City, but those ended after US biological warfare specialist Frank Olson jumped or was pushed from a 10th floor hotel window in 1953 nine days after they secretly dosed him with LSD at a research retreat.

Scroll back to the top and watch the video now for the whole story, featuring some great archival photos and images.

Would The US Government Ever Use Mind Control On Its Citizens?

In 1953 and 1973, the US government used unwitting citizens as test subjects during Project MK-ULTRA.

Various methodologies were tested to manipulate states and brain functions, including drugging citizens with LSD without their consent, hypnosis, sensory depravation, isolation, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture.


To investigate mind control, interrogation and behavioural modification techniques.

Started by CIA director Allan Welsh Dulles on April 13 1953, its initial purpose was to develop mind controlling drugs to use against the Soviets, after they discovered its use on American prisoners of war in Korea.

But would they also use it on Americans?

The presentation below tackles just that, showing evidence that it has been used in mass brainwashing of the People, in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, on the Navy yard shooting of 2013, as well as in Hollywood…

The Fascist Conspiracy

The following 3 part presentation is on the plot by Ameican bankers and busineemen to seize power from President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and install a fascist government.

On 21 November 1934 an article appeared in the New York Times telling of the discovery of a planned coup which could have changed the course of world history.

It told of a plot by Wall Street interests to overthrow President FDR and establish a fascist dictatorship, backed by a private army of half a million ex -soldiers and others. It appeared before the House of Representatives Committee of Un-American Activities, which began hearings on the charges.

This coup could have paved the way for alliance with Italy and Germany, changing the course of WW2.

How Did It Come To This?

1933 was the time of the Great Depression – a time of extreme poverty and desperation. It was the deepest and longest in history with only 1/3 of people employed. It gave people a feeling of abandonment, that society was unravelling – both economic and political.

The FDR reforms promised more jobs and hope for the People. An increase in public work programmes, help for poor, and the removal of dollar from the Gold Standard.

The business community hated this -  they thought it was putting America on wrong road with the government as the enforcer and intervener of business.

The right didn’t like this. Although they were made of both rich and poor, the north and south, they saw America changing in a way they didn’t like.

By creating jobs and giving to all religious and racial groups, they felt threatened.

America was fracturing along racial lines as well as political lines too – groups were carrying out vigilante violence on Catholic abd black factory workers in the north, carrying on the work of the KKK.

The plot was borne out of this climate.

The McCormack Dickstein Committe

This is the committee investigating this, set up to investigate unAmerican acivities and fascist sympathizers in the US in the early years of FDR’s presidency.

The testimony of a former senior commander of the US Marines, Major General Smedley Butler, is what brought this all to light.

He had been contacted by a well connected city broker named Gerald McGuire. He and his wealthy backers wanted this highly decorated war hero to rouse an army of WW2 vets, angry that a bonus not been paid, to help seize the White House, in the same way that Hitler and Mussolini used their private armies to bully their way to power.

Butler went along with this to gather information, but was secretly appalled.

The wealthy capitalists wanted to pose such a threat to FDR that he would step aside. And if he did not, they would execute him.

Butler showed the plot was at an advanced stage, and gathered as much info as he could before blowing the whistle.

The committee discovered that the businessmen and Wall Street brokers would then step out of the shadows as a lobby group. Soon after this discovery, the American Liberty League was borne.

Membership benefactors included General Foods, Birds Eye ,Colgate, Heinz, GM, and US Steel – titans of industry.

The committee also found a shipping company called Hamburg-America Line allegedly gave free passage to Germany for any journalists writing favourable copy to Hitler’s rise to power, and are also alleged to have brought Nazi spies and fascist sympathizers into America.

One of this companies executive managers was Senator Prescott Bush, father of President George Bush, and grandfather of President Geroge W. Bush.

10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

This is great video which has enjoyed mainstream success having been viewed millions of times. I don’t think any of it will come as a surprise to you, but Matthew Santoro has an entertaining style which makes it worth your time.

This is also a great page to send any of your friends to who think we’re just a bunch of kooks…

1. The Fascist Conspiracy

In 1933 a group of wealthy businessmen tried to install a fascist dictatorship in the US.

These men were heads of organizations and families which still exist today, including Chase Bank, GM, Goodyear, Standard Oil, the Dupont family and even one Senator Prescott Bush. father of President Bush and grandfather of President Dubya…

2. The Guy Fawkes Conspiracy

1n 1604 a group of Britons including Guy Fawkes were tired of King James’ rule and conspired to blow up Parliament. They filled the room below parliament with explosives.

They were only found out when one member of the group sent a letter to a politician talking about hypothetically blowing up Parliament.

3. The MK-ULTRA conspiracy

in the 1950s and 70s, the CIA attempted a series of experiments involving mind control called Project MK-ULTRA.

In an attempt to figure out how to control the minds of Communist spies and the minds of its own citizens, they began probing and injecting psychedelic drugs into unwitting citizens of the US.

This resulted in people becoming sick, slipping into permanent comas and even deaths.

4. The Tuskegee Syphilis Conspiracy

In 1932 and 1972 the US Government conducted an experiment using spinal taps on poor and illiterate African American males without their consent.

These men with syphilis were made to go without treatment to determine what the disease does to the human body through autopsies, even though a treatment was available.

This went on for 40 years before someone blew the whistle, and caused the National Research Act, which prevents barbaric experiments like this from being performed.

The scientists went on to become health advisers to the President.

5. The 1919 World Series Conspiracy

8 players from the White Sox threw a World Series game against the Cincinnati Reds in the most famous scandal in baseball history,

They were never charged with anything since technically throwing a game is npt a crime, but they were banned from the league when it was discovered.

This is one of the most famous cases of game fixing, but there have been thousands of cases of conspiracies to fix games since then.

6. The Snow White Conspiracy

In the 1970s the Church of Scientology perpetrated the largest infiltration of the US government in history, called Operation Snow White.

Their goal was to destroy every document which made them look bad, and over 5000 Scientologists were successful in wire-tapping and burglarizing 136 organizations, agencies and foreign agencies.

7. The Illuminati

The order of the Illuminati were a very powerful organization that at least once did exist.

Founded in 1776, the official story is that they’ve been either disbanded or destroyed, but some people believe they still exist today, and that they control half the world’s wealth through the Rothschild dynasty and that they’re the ones behind many major world events.

8. The CIA Drug Running Conspiracy

In the ’80s the CIA directly aided Nicaraguan drug traffickers who were selling cocaine in Los Angeles and used the money to fund Nicaraguan contras.

Known as the Dark Alliance, this wasn’t discovered until a decade later in 1996.

9. The Operation Valkyrie Conspiracy

Near the end of WWII when it became clear Nazi Germany was in a losing fight, a group of Nazi traders conspired to assassinate Hitler.

One conspirator decided he would do it himself and exploded a bomb in Hitler’s conference room, except Hitler survived with only minor injuries.

Because of this, the operation never went into effect and all the conspirators were killed.

10. The Bohemian Grove Conspiracy

For years conspiracy theorists hve been saying that the world’s richest and most powerful men have met once a year in the woods to worship a giant owl.

And it’s true.

In California there’s an exclusive mens only club called the Bohemian Club, which hosts a yearly gathering of the most powerful men in the world. Noone knows what goes on during the 2-3 week gathering, but they do have rituals that take place in front of a shrine of a giant owl.

Is Fairtrade Coffee Fair, And Does It Really Matter?

There’s a whole mess of stuff going on around us, most of which we’re not aware of because it doesn’t enter our everyday lives. But there is something which enters your life, and body, multiple times a day – what you put into your mouth.

I’m a big fan of coffee, and in my kitchen I have some of the best coffee and espresso making gizmos. But recently my inquisitive nature pushed me to look more closely into the green badge on the prestine foil packaging of my beans – ‘Fairtrade’.

While the result of my resarch hasn’t surprised me, it has disappointed me. It’s even encouraged me to actively seek non-’Fairtrade’ coffee to support the farmers who really need it.

An economist named Dr Peter Griffiths examined the fairtrade industry, and gave a damning 10 minute presentation of his findings:

In short, it’s great for company profits. great for keeping the upper middle class feeling good about themselves, but worse for the farmers themselves.

Company Profits

Dr Peter Griffith notes that in 25 years, Fairtrade claims to put €25million into the hands of the farmers.

While this sounds great, there are two indictments:

  1. In one month of consulting, Dr. Griffiths found it immediately possible to put €100 million per year back into the hands of farmers. And,
  2. There’s absolutely no transparecy in accounting – we’re taking Big Company completely at their word.

You’ve Been Duped

During his consultation, Dr Griffiths was able to find only one instance of proper bookkeeping in regards to Fairtrade vs non-Fairtrade.

Fairtrade coffee was sold to consumers at 15¢ higher than non-fair trade cups. The consumers would have spent the extra 15¢ on their cup of coffee, feeling good that an extra 15¢ has gone to where it needs it the most – the poor farmers working in the fields.


However only 2% of this 15¢ actually went back to the farmer. That’s 0.3¢. The other 98% of this 15¢ (14.7¢) lined the pockets of shareholders.


Worse for Farmers

Another study found that Fairtrade farmers actually ended up poorer than normal farmers.

These already poor farmers are forced to pay high certicication fees – which already rules the poorest of farmers – any farmer in Africa.

To stick the knife in, some of this certification fee pays the bounty inspectiors demand to fly in and check they’re not using fertilizers and pesticides which would disqualify it as organic - fertilizers and pesticides which they can’t even afford due to its high price.

And to twist the knife even further, the certification system is highly flawed making it nothing more than a high priced honor system.

Is this a good thing?

Now here’s what will really mess with your head – Dr. Griffiths notes that this is actually a good thing

The farmers in Mexico, while poor, are nowhere near as poor as farmers in Africa.

If Fairtrade was running efficiently, the Mexican farmers would be using the profits and additional help to produce more.

But it’s proven that even a 1% increase in coffee production causes the global coffee price to drop by 4-5%.

The African farmers would get a very low price for their already low yield of coffee. In areas where 1 in 3 children die before they’re five years old, this would cause the death rate to increase to 1 out of every 2 children.

To me it seems the only way to help the poorest farmers is to buy African coffee, which is what I’m doing from this point on. Fairtrade can take a running jump.

Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed

Conspiracies and cover-ups may be happening out there, but what happens when they cross the threshold into your own home? What happens when you’re the subject of a conspiracy, purposefully being exposed to chemicals which can give you cancer, make you sterile, or just plain kill you?

The first step is for you is gaining awareness of the trap you’re in, and the final one is freeing yourself from it.

The 20 minute presentation below by Alex Jones entitled Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed will help get you up to speed.

From Alex in the video:

The elite of the western world are adulterating food and water to sicken and sterilize the population for the purpose of eugenics.

In his decades old book Ecoscience, the White House science czar John P. Holdren points toward the conspiracy of a planetary police state carrying out the forced sterilization on a mass scale. Covert systems in water and food to sterilize the population.

This is evidenced by compounds and chemicals which are known by the FDA to be bad for health. approved by them for mass consumption.


It’s everywhere.

In the 1970′s Searle, the chemical compay holding the patent, failed to get FDA approval. By their own studies. lab monkeys contracted cancer or died.

An EU study found it to lower birth rates, and found pregnant women to have early births or miscarriages when drinking large amounts of artificial soda.

Derived from the faecal matter of E-colii. today Aspartame is deemed fit for consumption. despite it being linked with brain cancer, brain seizures, leukaemia, and just about every other disease under the sun.

This lends credence to the fact that it’s by design. It’s supposed to be this way. It’s supposed to sterilize or kill you.

‘An Antifoaming Agent’

You probably remember the brew-ha-ha over the revelations that McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets contained more than just chicken.

It was nationwide news that a plastic that’s used in Silly Putty was used in them, as well as just about every other processed food. Called Dimethylpolysiloxane, it’s noted as an ‘antifoaming agent’ on food labels.

This silicone type substance is illegal in every other country. but approved by the FDA. Why? By design.

Sodium Fluoride

During the Nuremberg trials, it came to light that the Nazis were adding Sodium Fluoride to the water in forced labor and death camps to make the inhabitants more docile and controllable.

Among other things it’s been linked with reductions in IQ and sterility. The FDA have seen fit to approve it’s inclusion into cereal, powdered eggs, and many other staples.

1 part per million (ppm) has been found to more than double the chances of bone cancer in men and boys. It’s also added to bottled water aimed at children.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

For many years, we’ve been eating cloned meat and pork.

Salmon has been spliced with other creatures to create a salmon hybrid which, if released into the wild, is predicted to cause the extinction of salmon within 40 generations.

This has been approved.

A viral meat spray is being used – the meat you wat is sprayed with a live vaccine, which you then ingest.

85% of corn consumed in the US is GMO – and it’s on its way there in Canada and Europe too. Insects won’t touch it – it has a natural pesticide.

If insects won’t eat it because it’s bad, what will it do to us? It’s been linked to organ failure in animals and sterility in lab rats and guinea pigs.

Studies in India, Germany and the US have found the GMO cotton seeds from GMO cotton crops can cause cows to miscarry, have low birth weights, or simply die.

GMO cotton seed oil is found in processed food.


GMO crops have been killing bees (which we need to survive) and monarch butterflies. Malaria-proof mosquitos are soon to be released into the wild.

This can be seen as a hostile corporate takeover of the Biosphere.

Petroleum distillate, toxic waste taken from petroleum distilleries, is used to fertilize crops – this toxic waste is pulled into the vegetables which grow out of it..

In 2008, the FDA sat on evidence that a third of the 55 top brands of processed food were tainted with mercury…

Don’t miss the above video to find out what you can do to help protect yourself and your family.

Was 9/11 An Inside Job?

Since the attack more than 300 smoking guns have been discovered, each one a damning piece of evidence which points to the most logical conclusion – that 9/11 was an inside job.

This short 15 minute presentation is a good introduction to the conspiracy, and presents just a few of these smoking guns.

From the video, one of the most visible was the fiasco of the 9/11 Commission Report.

6 of the 10 members of the commission stated disappointment with conditions of the investigation, and doubt the conclusions.

  • Co-Chair Lee Hamilton admitted they were set up to fail.
  • Bob Kerrey said “There’s ample reason to suspect there’s an alternative to what was outlined in the report…”
  • Timothy Roemer said “We were extremely frustrated with the false statements we were getting.” (Note that testimony was not taken under oath).
  • 9/11 Commissioner Max Cleland resigned, quoting that”the White House has played cover-up”.

Senior Council to the Commission John Farmer wrote an entire book on how different the truth was to the way it was described – the tapes told an entirely different story to public story.

Building 7

Building 7 was the most damning – it wasn’t hit but it had a symmetrical collapse at the speed of gravity.

NIST concluded ‘only a low probability of occurrence’ (occurence being the official story) but refused to test for evidence of a controlled demolition. Over 1500 architects and engineers independently staked their reputaions on the fact that Building 7 was not brought down by a jet.

Witnesses who saw bombs go off were ignored. Video evidence showed molten steel pouring from the building before collpse, which NIST denies.

The official story is paper thin, and goes much deeper than incompetence on prior warnings and ignored intelligence on an attack.

The national security structure was compromised – more than 20 drills in various federal and military agencies simulated scenarios that paralelled the attacks, meaning that fighter planes, radar monitors and other counter-measures were disabled.

Is this what caused NORAD to stand down as hijackers approached their targets?

The left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing, and someone was in control of that fact.

Why Would The Government Attack The People?

False Flag events have been behind nearly every major war, from Hitler using the Reichstagg fire to pass laws enabling him to seize total control of Germany and begin expansion, to the WMD lies leading to the invasion of Iraq.

The Project for a New American Century, the neo-conservative group who would fill much of the Bush Administration, wrote in 2000 how a ‘new Pearl Harbour would help them further their plan for a new global American empire’.

Days after 9/11 the Council on Foreign Relations met to openly discuss how the crisis can be used to build a ‘New World Order’.

Since then the Homeland Security apparatus has been turned around and used against The People. Instead of using it to pursue real threats, outspoken Americans have been targeted.

And since the NSA wiretapping scancal, it’s been shown that it’s not even outspoken Americans – it’s been you and every living soul in America. It’s been you when you travel anywhere by plane, or even by train or bus.